SFERE is the new radiator designed by Simone Micheli, that imagined to overcome, through its hieratic and absolute geometry, the stereotype of the radiator turning it into an entity able to live alone or in a group, paradoxically multiplying endlessly.
In Simone Micheli’s imagination, SFERE is the earth; the precise and symmetrical vacuum at the center, designed to accommodate a towel, represents the desire to find a renewed balance between man and man, between man and space, between time and man, tending to perfection, so that life is no longer in constant danger.
SFERE is an “Opera”, able to enrich expressively and symbolically new and intelligent domestic views.
Icon of simplicity, synthesis and flexibility, Sfere is a unique plated radiator made of painted steel with only 7 mm of thickness and hidden valves for easy cleaning, better hygiene and a pleasing aesthetic shape.
Customizable in 80 colours, including glossy, matt and textured colours, Sfere can be installed individually or in series to create a vertical symmetrical modularity.
The particular central vacuum makes it a comfortable towel warmer, suitable for home environments that the accommodation.

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