Active intrusion proctection: Only ABUS provides the effective combination of mechanics and electronics. It can already detect the break-in attempt – and prevent it by steel bars with more than one ton of resistance and simultaneously reporting to the Secvest alarm panel. Technical foundation are the best, some with “very good” tested by Stiftung Warentest door and window auxiliary locks from ABUS. Via the app the alarm panel can be activated and deactivated. The app also provides access to up to 3 IP cameras – either for video verification of events or the “just looking if everything is alright” by live stream from the cameras. The Secvest offers a wide variety of detectors to virtually every possible source of danger – for example, smoke, water, glass breakage, motion, perimeter monitoring, vibration and in case of an attack or medical emergencies. A security system is only really safe when it is frequently and often used. Therefore, the design of the Secvest alarm panel and its components ensures intuitive and easy operation.

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