SAVIORE is a brand new fire extinguisher with humanistic design concept and filled with the non-toxic extinguisher agent that can put out the fire of type A, B and C. Not only the minimalist shape design and visual aesthetics of SAVIORE could make higher purchase intention of consumer, but also the unique magnetic function of SAVIORE would let user decorate creatively and freely; moreover, SAVIORE could be get easily and quickly at the emergency situation. SAVIORE might be the first luxury style fire extinguisher on the world.
-Minimalist Shape Design
SAVIORE is designed with minimalist style, 1:10 aspect ratio of shape, various color, glossy or matte surface. Fire extinguishers are no longer ugly and suitable in a modern style interior.
-Unique Magnetic Function
Using the unique magnetic function and special powerful magnet, SAVIORE could be get easily and quickly, moreover, it could be used for decorate creatively and freely by user. The personal and stylish idea of interior decoration could be achieved easily by using SAVIORE. This special powerful magnet could be locked or stuck on the wall. After that, SAVIORE would be seen easily by magnetic force.

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