The SAFE-O-TRONIC® access LSW revolutionizes the organisation of cabinet locking systems. The system uses an innovative wireless network, thus offering convenient central control functions which can be retrofitted at any time and require no cabling at all.
The flat, optically appealing fitting design is available in black or white. The sturdy metal housing with integrated recessed grip ensures complete ease of use and is jet-proof in accordance with IP 65. Use of cabinets and lockers is possible via RFID data carrier, or entirely without key via PIN code (e.g. in sauna area). Clamping units which can be used on either side, left or right, and which have been designed for all door materials and conventional 4-point mounting facilitate installation. Optimise your capacity by means of automatic opening or blocking, or approval of time limit extension. Power supply with battery status indicator is provided either by alkaline or lithium cells in the form of a battery pack or for insertion in a battery holder. Optional laser-cut cabinet numbers on the exterior fitting alleviate the need for separate number signs.

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