S-GREEN is a modular accessory design. It uses the modular design to replace the traditional planting wall which uses the complicated construction method. It can be combined as screens, partition walls, wall decorations, and even the spice garden for your kitchen. The complete internal water supply system has the patented ceramic tube with water-saving technology so can automatically adjust the soil moisture which can maintain 3 to 4 weeks without adding water. The appearance is full of sense of design; it not only can beautify the environment also purify the air.

+ Patented water-saving ceramic tube; because of the ceramic capillary action, it will automatically adjust the soil moisture.
+ Supply water from the soil to replace the traditional surface water supply can significantly reduce water evaporation (can save 50% of water).
+ No need to plug and connect pipes can reduce the space limitation when using it.
+ Water-storage design can provide the water for 3 to 4 weeks.
+ Thin and light design; use of fiber fabric plant to reduce the weight and overall thickness.
+ Modular design; can be combined flexibility to create different atmospheres for a space.

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