Whether modern architecture or a historic mansion, the innovative RESIDIUM intercom blends in aesthetically, offering High Tech at maximum use of minimum space. It combines a doorbell, a video intercom and keyless access with a weather-resistant touch display. The full HD camera is integrated almost invisibly and provides a brillant view of visitors. The terminal can be customized by specific inlays at the top or bottom of the color display. The color display of the RESIDIUM intercom can also be customized by individual images. So, as long as there is nobody close to the terminal, the house number or the family crest is displayed. As soon as a visitor approaches, display switches and shows the names of the inhabitants or company logos as well as bell icons. When the door opener is then pressed, the display can show a location plan. The flexible user interface enables many use cases for the terminal: For a private mansion to an office site. Various interfaces connect to the existing smart home infrastructure.

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