DA.AI Recycle to Recycle (R2R) Vest, from fabric to zipper, is made from recycling the company’s own eco-fabric from PET bottles and turned into a 3rd round of product. This sets DA.AI as a pioneer in world eco-textile industry and makes this apparel 100% re-recyclable into a new round.

Recycling what was already eco-friendly fleece fabric from recycled PET bottles now means infinite possibilities. With DA.AI R&D’s dedication to counter the difficulties working with recycled PET material, the soft eco-fabric can now be made into hard Re-PET material such as zipper, glasses frame, mouth cover, etc. This is an environmental protection milestone even beyond some of the largest accessory companies such as YKK would consider into.

From fabric, zipper, sutures, tags, etc. all components are made by Re-PET, meaning the whole vest is recyclable with minimal manpower to remove or dismantle. Imaging this new material is implemented onto all our daily textile products, we would no long suffer from fast fashion pollution, since all our clothing can be turn into new ones to “extend material life and cultivate blessing and wisdom” towards our planet and all sentient beings living on it.

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