Problem: When coax broadband operators upgrade the end user installation the frequency in the home outlet needs to be hardware upgraded. This results in a visit from an installer which is expensive, slow and inconvenient for both end-user and operator. Furthermore the new DOCSIS 3.1 standard requires a much higher screening efficiency than before to perform as intended.

Solution: By smart mechanical design it is now possible to make a truly future proof installation. How? By making the design especially user friendly the end-user is now for the first time able to upgrade his own installation for new frequencies. The advantage being scalability – the end-user no longer needs to wait for an installer, and the operator saves money (OPEX); that the cable is terminated in a standard F-connector which gives the optimum screening and no longer needs to be touched for future upgrades; that most material is reused, embracing the environment. Once the flexible PIO solution is implemented the upgrade kit can simply be mailed and immediately installed by the end-user.

PIO (Push-In-Outlet) is the solution – a simple and user friendly exchangeable outlet!

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