Projectors are usually mounted below the ceiling. This means that they often appear to be out of place, as they are not integrated into the room’s overall look. The initial idea was to design ceiling elements that could incorporate the most varied types of projectors. The required space for the projector, wiring and ventilation is created by means of a formal articulation in the ceiling surface, meaning that the projectors beneath the ceiling, which are normally visually disruptive, are out of sight. The project itself consists of two projections in opposing directions with a total of three projectors, with one of the two projections being composed of two projectors. Two clearly drawn lines grow out of the ceiling for each projector, forming an enclosure for the projectors with a three-dimensional articulation. The size of the openings within the ceiling articulation means that the projectors can be easily exchanged. All of the articulation’s dimensions and inclinations are adjusted to the projection cone. The ceiling elements consist of a CNC-processed polystyrene core with a surface finished in plaster and a final dispersion layer.

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