Simple design, clean lines, special surface treatment process, set AC port and USB-A port, bid farewell to the clutter of the charging head, restore the desktop refreshing and simple, the new ID plug design, ergonomic, easy to plug. It adopts flame retardant material, 2 AC interfaces and 3 USB-A interfaces. The maximum output current of single-port USB port is 5V2.4A. The intelligent IC chip automatically recognizes the current by handshake, accurately detects the current change, and accurately provides accurate current input to the device. Intelligent protection system, the introduction of a number of new charging technology, effectively solve the short circuit, over current, overcharge, overvoltage security risks, to bring you a one-stop power supply experience. Small and exquisite, easy to carry, built-in micro switch, tap to switch, in line with the new national standard 3C certification, suitable for office, travel and use.

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