The Legrand Practibox-S is an electric cabinet range designed for residential use. The product’s discreet smooth front surface integrates to the wall making it disappear into its environment. The powdery white satin texture gives a distinctive, elegant and light impression. As an option, the white door can be substituted by a black translucent version through which the states of the protection devices can be controlled without opening the cabinet. The door design is reversible to accommodate various installation options. Inside the cabinet, the circuit breakers are recessed in softly shaped cavities to guarantee maximum protection. For environmental reasons, strong focus has been given to the reduction of plastic material, without compromising quality and the rigidity of a safety product. The design takes into account stackability in logistics for an optimized carbon footprint in transportation. The global range consists of 12 different cabinet sizes matching local needs with a consistent design language throughout. Flexibility for personalisation is guaranteed for markets with contrasting needs.

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