With its tough and sturdy image, the minimal square exterior offers differentiated use from existing door handles. The replaceable front panel can be customized wih various materials and colors as desired by the user. The push/pull type door handle shows a deep consideration for the essential functions of the product as well as the user’s experience at the contact point. The push/pull type door handle is more intuitive to use than the existing method, and allows the user to enter and exit with natural fluid motions. Insted of grpping and turning the handle in the conventional manner, the user makes pulling or pushing motions that makes the door easier to open even while carrying items or while holding the baby. Further developing the advantages of the corner-less design, this new design is also without corners and fully integrated into the frame to prevent safety accidents, especially among young children. The design ensures that the door closes quietly and precisely, and makes installation and construction easier than ever, and the body was manufactured using the die-casting technique with a firm and sophisticated finish that enhances interior aesthetics.

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