PIX Design exactly where you need it The stylish PIX range is a collection of sophisticated, round socket outlet and connector units that can be used in many different ways. On a desk in the office, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, as a lounge element, in the wall or other living room scenarios, PIX provides a huge range of customisable connections. Used alone or in combination, the decorative rings are available in various colours and can be interchanged. An ingenious, swivel-mounted cover, providing protection from dust and dirt, is available as an option for PIX and can also be retrofitted. The compact form (HxØ: approx. 50 x 68 mm) and low installation depth (approx. 45 mm) ensure a space-saving installation from above or the front. Retrofitting is of course possible. With its round, flat shape and minimalist appearance, the PIX meets design requirements exactly where you need it.

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