The Entry Touch panel is a touch screen door entry system using premium grade materials and high end aesthetics blended with the latest tech and featuring a new intuitive and eye catching UI design. The panel incorporates a capacitive touch screen, with double optical bonding and an anti glare finish to ensure the screen can be viewed under all light conditions. A multi frequency RFID reader is also incorporated seamlessly into the design to allow the use of tokens to gain entry.

The glass front is chemically toughened and housed in 3mm marine grade stainless steel to ensure it’s built to last in a range of environments. The panel can also be surface mounted making it quick and easy to install and more cost effective for the customer.

The Entry Touch panel offers cutting edge technology, design, materials and functionality at a price never before seen for this type of product in this market sector. At the same time it is also fully compatible with the market leading Paxton Net2 access control system.

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