Zendure Passport is the world’s first global travel adapter with an auto-resetting fuse and other unique features. It’s beautifully and ergonomically designed for global travelers and includes built-in adapters that can be used in over 150 countries. The unique gradient-blue “press and slide” buttons make it convenient to use with just one hand, and the patent-pending auto-resetting fuse allows it from recover to overloads without service or replacement. Its four USB ports and four buttons are beautifully aligned with its unique ridge patterns which are aesthetically pleasing to look at.

The most remarkable point of the Passport design is that it’s designed around the user: busy travelers who have a lot on their minds. The auto-resetting fuse, the ergonomic shape, the one-handed use, the powerful USB ports, and the unique ridge patterns are all designed meticulously to solve problems and improve the user experience.

Designed for travelers, by travelers, Zendure Passport is a one-stop charging solution for today’s frequent international travelers.

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