The new range of 3G cars is characterized by its attractive and safety image while transmitting ORONA brand’s Innovation and Sustainability values. Created based on the motto “less is more”, simplicity, luminosity and functionality mark their own style with an European orientation and a global vocation, segmented according to the type of building and use.
A new, user-friendly simple and intuitive interface has been developed with new display solutions for both floors and car, also with a new “ORONA pushbutton” inspired on the brand’s logo, adding character and personality to the car. Efficient lighting solutions with automatic shutdown prevent visual fatigue helping to create a sense of security.
Environmental criteria have been incorporated as a tool for improvement throughout the life cycle of the cars in materials, lighting and a use of materials with low environmental impact; and in the process, eliminating welding and painting processes. The new platform design responds to these Ecodesign criteria being a lighter structure, robust and resistant, simple, quick to assemble and with an improvement in acoustic vibration qualities.

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