igus® is a specialist in the field of energy supply systems in moving applications where cables are safely routed and protected in the e-chains® made of plastic. The know-how is reflected in the assembly-friendly design of the new igus® Office e-chain®. With this e-chain®, the cable landscape in the office can be arranged with just a few hand movements and without tools. Cables can simply be pressed into the e-chain® by hand and replaced, rearranged and safely guided to avoid cable clutter. Individual cables can be routed out of the three chambers of the chain as needed without changing the overall layout. The chain can be mounted via magnetic mounting brackets and can be adapted to any workplace. The patented axial mechanism of the chain links allows a simple change of shape: when the links are pulled apart, the chain is flexible in all dimensions, whereas they can be locked out by simply squeezing the chain links together. The round e-chain® can be arranged as required and adapted to flexible workstations, IT systems and multifunctional office furniture.

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