Product Name : Nail-free soft nail
The concept of the product
The idea of the product presented is to replace the traditional household hanging devices which often require drilling into the wall, and allow people to install house wares on the ceramic tiles or many different kinds of walls without putting metal nails into them. That means the users can easier put the hanging devices on the ceramic tiles or certain kinds of walls with Nail-free soft nail and specialized nail free glue.
In our daily life, most of them are hooks with adhesive tape; But there always are problems such as bad durability, instability. A strong desire of finding executable means to solve those everyday problems occurred to me which drove me to devote myself into the area of nail-free hanging vices. I myself strived to design an ideal nail-free product which is easy to use and appears good performance. So now this is a dream come true. It is possible to take the good points of metal nails ( stability) am here to present my outcome of hard work.
Nail-free soft nail is not only easier operation, but also easier removed without any vestige. It is suitable for rude surface of wall too.

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