The Myfox Security System was designed to provide a simple, reliable and aesthetic solution to protect one’s home against break-in attempts.

Considered a new standard in home security, the system combines discrete patented IntelliTAG anti-intrusion sensors, a sleek 110dB siren, and an intelligent key fob for automatic hands-free disarming. With no wires, the system is extremely simple to install and is easily controlled through an intuitive smartphone app.

Modern and minimalist, the system elements use a reassuring curved design which breaks away from the traditional language of security devices. Made out of ceramic white plastic, brushed aluminum and high-quality materials, they integrate seamlessly and elegantly into a home’s decor.

The system embarks breakthrough technological innovations to give users additional peace-of-mind: battery backup in case of power outage and automatic WiFi backup with the unique MyfoxAround network that anonymously connects to a neighboring unit. Based on the principles of ‘collaborative security’, the system allows users to easily share monitoring rights with their trusted circle – friends, neighbors and family – via the mobile app.

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