The LIN-X 1000 manufactured in Japan by Sugatsune it is the largest variant in a range of lateral opening furniture door mechanisms.

The product is a door opening mechanism that has many advantages over conventional swing or sliding doors. The motion is elegant and unique, opening out and then to the side in a ‘lateral swing’ which not only looks great but requires less space than a swing door. Once the door is open there is unobstructed access to the interior. Dampers control the movement giving a noticeably smooth sweep and soft close to the doors with the freedom to leave the door partially open in any position, a feature Sugatsune call ‘Free Stop’.

• Unique door movement – ‘Lateral Swing’
• Unobstructed access to interior
• Handle can be installed anywhere
• Motion controlled for ‘Free Stop’ and Soft-Close
• Fully adjustable
• Uses half the forward space required by a swing door

The LIN-X1000 is designed for large doors up to 2.9m high and over a meter in width weighing up to 90kgs. It is used for walk in wardrobes, concealed entrances, product storage spaces in retail environments, room dividers in offices, etc.!

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