Metal Lobby Phone is a product that controls access of visitors through the entrance of a building.
A smart product featuring 5 different access control methods (facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, passwords, RF cards and visitor calls), Metal Lobby Phone enhances the level of security in offices and homes, diversifies the means to communicate with visitors, and performs most of its product control via a smartphone, offering the convenience of controlling visitor access even in a remote location.
It features stainless steel, aluminum and tempered glass as primary materials, and is designed mainly with bold, powerful straight lines, focusing on its harmony with the exterior of a modern building.
For a simple installation, the product is fixed with screws on the front and then separate parts are attached on the top and bottom like magnets, all of which are expressed in a deco method with a high degree of completeness from a design perspective.
These attachments are utilized as design points that increase the degree of completeness for the overall design.

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