The Master Lock electronic built-in locker lock offers facility managers and architects an elegant design combined with premium materials to take intuitiveness and user feedback to a new level. It provides relevant information to the user when they need it, from identifying an available locker when they walk into the locker room, to confirming that their belongings are safe and secure so they leave with confidence. The display significantly improves the user experience while offering exceptional battery life. The lock alerts the user if the locking mechanism becomes jammed, ensuring that their belongings will always be secure. The lock can accommodate multiple users throughout the day, individual locker renters, and users with disabilities. Programming the lock is simple. Plug in the programming key and press 1 for Single User, 2 for Multi-User, 3 for Accessibility Mode, 4 for four-digit code length, 5 for five-digit code length, 6 for six-digit code length, 7 for volume off, 8 for volume on, and 9 to factory reset. Backed by the strength of the Master Lock brand, users can expect reliability, ease of use and quality from the electronic built-in locker lock.

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