Rentokil’s newest range of Lumnia insect light traps integrates design innovation with patented, pioneering technology to develop the world’s first range of global LED fly control solutions.
Lumnia is defined by its ability to control and monitor fly activity – key qualities developed through comprehensive brand identity, product and market research in conjunction with design, engineering and entomology specialists to create an unequivocal design vision for the Lumnia product family.
This vision takes form after years of technological analysis, global prototyping and customer evaluation – resulting in an optimised LED insect light trap with best-in-class performance compared to equivalent units. Beyond LED’s average energy saving of 61%, and waste reduction benefits, Lumnia’s flush user-centric design offers further adaptive energy modes together with control and monitoring technology based on infestation levels.
The design rationale ensures improved serviceability through health and safety conscious integrated sliding mechanisms. Its simplicity and subtle finishes, blends the unit into a range of environments from front of house to industrial.

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