Lock Lock is the world’s first security door handle with a registered seamless and edgeless design. This unique design simultaneously delivers extreme security, durability and unrivalled visual appeal.

Taking inspiration from modern product design, the edges and square profile of a typical door handle have been removed to create this contemporary design in all three axis. As proven with independent testing, the shape stops conventional burglary methods by making it impossible to grab.

Unlike conventional door handles, with Lock Lock the cylinder lock sits neatly and securely inside the curved body. For doors that never need to be operated with a key from the outside there is a revolutionary cylinder-free option, which provides an uninterrupted finish in all 5 colours.

Standard handles require 240 hours salt spray testing, some make 1,000. The Lock Lock curved design and bathroom furniture grade coating deliver a never heard of level of durability at 5,000+ hours. The Lock Lock design redefines how homeowners and manufacturers look at door hardware and ask for it by name.

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