Linarte is a vertical façade cladding system consisting of individually extruded aluminium profiles, offering numerous possibilities in terms of creativity and personalization. With Linarte, every façade can be personalized by adding led, wooden, aluminum or other inserts. You can even form a house number or logo with inserts like these. ‘Block’ and ‘even’ lamellas are available separately, but can also be combined with one another. With the Block lamellas available in 2 different depths (16 mm and 33 mm), this provides even more combination possibilities.
With the help of clips, these profiles are mounted in an invisible way on the horizontally positioned support structure underneath. That way, thermal expansion is excluded, but the technique also means that the profiles can also serve as a finish for curved walls, as they have been attached individually.
After a surface treatment with a RAL color, or optionally by means of anodization, the finish of a Linarte façade is durable, color proof and maintenance-friendly. Whether used on fixed inner or outer walls, integrated garage portals or doors.

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