The Lap®is innovations by Van den Weghe are the perfect example of combining technological advancement with esthetical beauty. Starting with the idea to eliminate obstructing materials on the natural stone (e.g. plastic sockets), Van den Weghe now present a completely integrated product that is sometimes even invisible.
This allows our products to have continuous veining without interruptions, therefore the plug-sockets and switches become part of the overall design. From the easy-to-use Lap®is touch to the multifunctional push contact, we offer not only one, but multiple innovations for our clients.


Van den Weghe proposes 2 types of plug-sockets. The first, most esthetical, option is completely sunk in the stone. A side effect is however the limited access. The second option allows full access with just a thin line around the socket. We also propose international variations of sockets to respond to demand from abroad.

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