BRANDX built a brand-new roadshow image, created entertaining technological experiences and a fantastic wonderland of “secret discovery-secret disclosure-secret sharing” for Lancôme through creative design. Breaking through the old way of trying perfume, the adoption of flower and flower scent communicated the new scent of “miracle secret”, making the customer experience of sensual pleasures and spiritual pleasure integrated into one upgraded. The new display attracted the mainstream consumers and created new sales record for Lancôme Miracle family. The application of new technologies in interaction blurred the boundary between science and art. Through technologies, the visitors entered into a dazzlingly pretty space, feeling the atmosphere by seeing, smelling and touching. The fantastic virtual flower sea created by program had a real-time interaction with the visitors. Every act of visitors-closely staring at, touching with hand or even trampling the flowers-all affected the blossom and even withering of the flower. Each flower created by computing technology was unique, and once withered it will not be re-born, the sole chance to encounter with each flower was only that instant.

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