KAIKAI MODEL C. A full carbon handle with an unmatched ergonomic cross-section. In addition to an extremely low weight (up to four times lighter than comparable aluminum handles), the material allows a stiffness above-average. The high grip of the surface texture gives an enormous force closure as well as a pleasant feel – and that creates confidence.
The look of the handcrafted full carbon handles combines high-tech with absolute high quality. Thanks to an extremely resource-conserving production process, production costs can be kept very low and are almost at eye level with high-quality aluminum handles.
In various product tests, no stiffness drops were detected with changing loads of 1000N. The threaded inserts are also designed to be permanently resistant under real loads.
A further advantage is the possibility of laminating sensors or RFID technology into the handle during production. This allows the handle to be individually intelligent as required.
Light. Strong. Black. KAIKAI MODEL C.

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