IXM Touch is a state of the art fingerprint access control product with a timeless design that makes its surroundings modern and futuristic. The product with its capacitive touchscreen running Android Jelly Bean OS accommodates access control and time and attendance needs of the enterprise. It is designed to integrate with home automation systems modernizing the way we interact with appliances and ultimately our homes.
Engineered to be robust and durable, the device is an outcome of multiple manufacturing processes and materials used. The front body is manufactured through double shot injection molding which allows for multiple finishes and materials in a single piece. The touch screen is fitted with Corning’s Gorilla Glass to ensure a flawless user experience and damage prevention. The fingerprint sensor cavity was created from scratch in order to achieve a comfortable tactile experience and high quality image processing. Its back is made of die cast aluminum while the mounting assembly is made of stainless steel.
With industry leading features and design that makes a difference, IXM Touch is by far the most advanced fingerprint product built with an eye for detail.

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