IWAC Display is the Zennio Access Controller with display for hotels, totally customizable, which allows guests identification for room access through NFC or Bluetooth. Everyone can create unique compositions thanks to Zennio Touch-MyDesign web tool, which could include images, icons, texts or logo, to be printed on a high-strength tempered glass and cause the desired aesthetic impression in any ambience of the hotel. The 2.4” backlighted display shows in several languages the room number, name, an image or messages when a guest or the hotel service is trying to access the room. IWAC permits to select the function of each button to be used as a door bell, to switch the corridor lights on, or any other action; even the hotel property could hidden some buttons and make them only available for the hotel service. Door opening and activation of other systems, such as door bell, are possible thanks to the two outputs included. Sabotage is avoided with a tamper switch, and if this occurs, IWAC sends an alarm to reception when the device is being manipulated. It also includes two analog/digital inputs to connect switches, push buttons, sensors, , temperature probes or motion sensors.

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