Mobile phone charging cable, computer mouse, network cable or your Apple Watch charging cable: cables are a must and no matter how hard you try to avoid cable clutter, you ultimately end up down on the floor looking for plugs, cables and connectors. In the car, a USB charging cable left hanging around is annoying while driving and looks untidy.
With the original iSHOXS cable grabs, all kinds of cables can be easily and effectively tidied and even laid neatly. The iSHOXS cable grabs feature an integrated cable strain relief which prevents the cable from slipping through. The iSHOXS cable grabs consist of an ABS inner core, with a soft TPU surround. The underside of the cable grabs is also made of ABS, which means adhesive tape holds particularly well.
This may sound elaborate, and it is, but that is why the iSHOXS cable grab is the non plus ultra when it comes to managing cable clutter. Cables can be laid neatly and kept in place.
This system is patent pending worldwide.

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