Initially designed for pharmacies, Iride is an innovative drawer front, which is extremely flexible and customisable. It is suited for all sectors where there is a regular refurbishment of the display image.
Iride gives value to the stocking zones, by turning them from surfaces merely considered to be for décor into useful and profitable areas, so becoming vectors of marketing sales promotions.
The drawer front is made up of two elements: the steel structural support, which can be produced in different sizes, and the display feature made in printed polypropylene that can be integrated in two different ways to make a distinctive product display.
By simply aligning the various drawer fronts, Iride brings to life whole message walls. These are ergonomic thanks to their adjustable handles and replaceable thanks to easily replaceable inserts.
This drawer front is a powerful tool for décor and communication. This sleek and dynamic design is available in an infinite number of customisable ways and can be either incorporated or made to stand out in any kind of context.

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