Uplus IoT alarm is not for large companies; it is designed for individuals and micro-enterprises.
Our designers focused on the following three aspects in order to minimize a price increase that can occur when a new technology, the Z-wave protocol, was applied and to ease the price burden of consumers:

1. Simple mold and structure
The simple, minimal design is optimal for mass-production.
(Co-worked with the manufacturer to develop a simple structure and shape, which will reduce the percent defective in the case of mass-production)

2. Designed to visualize its functions as an alarm
Passive infrared (PIR) sensor was applied to reduce costs, and a recessed shape is taken to minimize the texture gap between the sensor and the body.
The “design hole” was applied not only to the buzzer and LED but also to the front in order to make it seen as an alarm.
The cover at the back was made in grey to prevent dust or any other sources of contamination that can happen when the battery is changed.

3. Easily available parts for maintenance
The standard of hook is common in the market so that consumers can feel free to install it anywhere, either on the wall or ceiling.

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