Mobile phone charge will appear as the overcharge phenomenon for a long time, which cause damage to mobile phone and battery, and short circuit or explosion, this product is by manual and automatic two ways to prevent overcharge.
Manual mode is to set the charging time, to the time after the power; there are four USB and a heavy current hole, suitable for home use.
The other one to detect the device is fully charged automatically after the power, there are two USB ports, more small volume, easy to carry, suitable for any place.
Of course, it can be charging all the time.
This product is first use in the USB charger industry, the use of intelligent power-off products.
Products using a new upgrade PC alloy material, good stability, flame retardant, impact resistance, and anti-cracking.
Internal high-quality copper, conduction is good, low temperature, sophisticated technology. Production process, the use of North America, Europe, hot runner technology, shell one-time injection molding.

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