INSU’ – Eat ice-cream with your eyes!
From the need to catch the attention of children, and not only, come into the world INSU’: the revolutionary ice-cream display case.
For the first time the ice-cream is exposed in a vertical way to obtain a great and surprising perception of the ice-cream even from afar.

The ice-cream display case comes with a compact, low-depth structure, perfectly integrated with the furnishings exising in the market. This guarantees space optimization, creating greater visual communication with the consumer.

The display wall, made up of silk screened glass, frames and emphasizes the tastes contained in transparent polycarbonate trays, to focus attention on the ice-cream.
Each ice-cream tray is inserted inside a drawer removable from the operator in the back of the counter.

A rotational form printed element containing coolant has been made for a better preservation of the ice-cream during the opening of the drawers.
The triple glazed showcase, the hermetic closure of the drawers and the absence of ventilation keep the ice cream optimally preserved, limiting the dispersion of refrigerated air and dropping considerably energy consumptions.

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