Hookamals are safety wall fixed coat and bag hooks designed for nurseries and infant schools. Hookamals have been designed to conform to European Standard DIN 7917. The hanging hook faces backwards so it is less of a hazard if a child falls against it.

The personality of the Hookamals designs encourages small children in a school, or at home, to tidy up their clothes and bags, and as the hanging hook faces backwards, their fine motor skills are developed as well. For these reasons Hookamals are proving increasingly popular with the parents of children on the autistic spectrum.

Hookamals are manufactured from 2.5mm laser cur steel and polyester powder coated in a range of colours. Each hook is supplied with an “eye kit” which allows a child to personalise their hook.

Further personalisation can be achieved by adding a custom made card that can take a wallet sized photo of the child, or can be decorated, which is fixed securely to the top of the hook.

Hookamals are manufactured in the UK and AJ Binns manufacturing philosophy is to source all our components as locally as possible.

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