Hik-Zenith series includes: master station (main), master station (sub), remote control board, door station, and indoor station. It is used for building‘s access control and security management.
The Concise design language and the use of high-strength alloy and glass enable an obvious family identity.
Hifi stereo, directional sound pickup and active noise reduction technologies greatly enhance the clarity of voice intercom, even in a noisy environment. High security level of binocular dynamic facial recognition and voiceprint recognition, make the identification more secure and smooth. The integrated pressure-sensitive buttons result of a good waterproof performance.
10-inch multi-touch HD screen on the master station (main) supports a 0~85 degrees of angle adjustment ensuring a high-quality experience of video interaction. The master station (sub) and remote control board can be connected to the master station (main) via an instant plug-in that greatly reducing cable management issues. The IP Cameras can be remotely controlled by the assembled devices to switch the views or broadcasting. The lightweight joystick and touch panel make the operation more intuitive and convenient.

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