Draught columns are one of the most important consumer and customer touchpoints for the Heineken brand. It’s a key visibility item that drives sales, it’s a prominent element for a bar owner and its staff, it’s authentic and unique to beer, with the characteristic pouring ritual.
The new Heineken ICONIC DRAUGHT COLUMNS (IDC) have been designed to deliver great iconic brand stand-out. especially in busy bar environments. The design is sophisticated through its simple, elegantly curved shape, encapsulating a series of technological innovations.
The branding is large, but not shouting, and integrated in the shape of the column. Heineken’s green signature color plays a prominent role, and the red star shines as a true icon. Altogether the IDC balances authentic beer cues with the progressive spirit Heineken is known for.
Technically and functionally the new columns are state of the art: designed with Heineken® Cool Flow Technology (HCFT) in mind, to get the best pour quality. It enables lighting and ‘icing’ technology, and is a modular flexible series of columns for the different Heineken propositions. Each column in the series has its own purpose and characteristics.

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