With the new stand HALBE picture frames can be presented safely and beautifully. Insert it on the back and twist it slightly to lock it securely on the frame. The stand is suitable for all HALBE frames of up to 30 x 40 cm – for vertical or horizontal display. A 15-degree tilt angle provides good stability of the frame, and at the same time, a comfortable viewing angle of the picture. The grey tone of the fiberglass-reinforced material harmoniously matches the metal components on the back of the frame. Minimal radii in the set-up area protect the surface of the furniture. The stand can be ordered individually as an accessory item or upgraded for previously purchased frames. We have put particular focus on the compatibility with older frame variants to make the stand as versatile as possible. The combination of a HALBE stand and HALBE magnetic frame produces infinite applications besides hanging the frame on the wall: as a stand-up frame for pictures in private homes, to mark goods at the point of sale or to label exhibits at a museum.

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