The RF4.1 is a cordless safety & security sensor light & is one of four battery operated models within the GP SafeGuard range. It can be installed anywhere indoors or outdoors & is ideal for use where there is no access to electricity. The soft design style is a bold attempt to break away from austere hard edged styling often associated with security lighting whilst retaining a very serious image of fitness for purpose. The mid-tone charcoal grey complements any home whilst remaining unobtrusive. RF4.1 is equipped with automatic motion and photo detection sensors. All controls are conveniently located on the underside of the light for ease of access & adjustment. Powerful reflectors dominate the design & prismatic lens has been installed above the LED to evenly diffuse the light. The headlamps can be easily adjusted both vertically & horizontally & the main stem can be rotated 180 degrees allowing maximum flexibility in any situation. Angle indicators are molded into the appropriate surfaces to visibly assist the user when setting up the product. RF4.1 has a long operating time of up to 400 days based on 5 operations a day, a light output of 260 lumens & an IP55 rating.

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