Genius Plus is a smoke alarm which combines intuitive handling with highest demands for quality, sustainability and life expectancy.

Intuitive commissioning and handling
– User-friendly device activation as well as optimum protection because the device is screwed into the base
– Visual and audible acknowledgement of successful commissioning
– Multiple tone feedback on checks (ascending: OK; descending: not OK)
High-quality finish and design
– Design and production “Made in Germany”
– Fully automatic production line
– Various environmental awards for sustainable production processes
– Aesthetically reduced test button with integrated three-colour status LED
– Restrained design and colouring for unnoticeable ceiling installation
Safety feeling
– Audible tone with optimised frequency (goes up and down and can therefore be heard more easily in case of an alarm)
– Visual and audible fault messages suppressed in the night (not applicable for alarm messages)
– Radio-controlled alarm, compatible with warning systems for aurally handicapped persons
– Evaluation by means of user-friendly Hekatron APP
– Closed system with security tagging and built-in battery, protected against abuse

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