sygonix flat plug

Everyone knows what a plug looks like.
Despite their awkward shape, we accept plugs the way they are.
because that’s just what a plug looks like.
All a plug needs to do is do its job.
But in some situations, you want your plugs to take a back seat.

These situations were what prompted sygonix to rethink the conventional plug.
The result was an attractive, flat plug without the bulky shape of a conventional model: the first plug that is actually smaller than the socket itself.

With a height of just 8 mm, the sygonix flat plug
fits into any socket, almost without protruding from the wall,
making it perfect for locations where conventional plugs are too large.
The plug allows furniture to be positioned right up against a wall.

But it’s actually a shame to hide this plug away behind a cabinet.
Pure white chassis.
Clean, streamlined design.
Useful removal tool integrated into the design.

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