The Firephant Alarm is a stand alone smoke detector – unique in its fool proof design and function. Its 10+ years battery life time lets you mount it and forget about it. If you wish to test the alarm push the big button. If you accidently trigger the alarm, just push the big button. This lowers the sensitivity of Firephant Alarm for the next ten minutes. There is no need for further instructions and the button is easy to target with a broom or an umbrella.

With a soft design, smooth curvature and matte surface, the Firephant Alarm blends effortlessly to the ceiling. Yet it is compact, sturdy and made of true materials, which gives it a feeling of reliability. Stainless finish is stainless steel, copper finish is copper and white is a hard powder coating on steel. This gives the Firephant Alarm a genuine and trustworthy appearance.

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