Electrical supply in the heart of a home should follow one basic rule: It should be available where it is needed. Who wants to spend time looking for an outlet when using blender, toaster or other electrical devices? On the other hand, electrical outlets often don’t fit into the visual concept of a room, since they appear technical and visually restless. EVOline BackFlip solves this dilemma. This electrification module is not just useful, it also offers a higher degree of safety than common outlets, and discreetly fits into any furnishing concept.
When closed, EVOline BackFlip is just a thin pad with a surface of brushed stainless steel on the work surface, with no water entering the electrical system. On the touch of a finger it turns by 180 degrees and presents its functions: 2 electrical outlets and a USB charger are positioned high above the work surface protected from water. The low installation depth of just 53 mm allows positioning above drawers or permanently installed kitchen applications.

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