Beatrice 9kw is a sealed, air-heating, pellet stove with an original, rounded shape featuring an innovative, front, concave door, the first of its kind on the market. It also features two doors and an exclusive, top flue gas outlet designed to be fitted with a coaxial tube. Single coaxial flue expels flue gases and lets combustion ari in: improving performances and reducing consumptions because the combustion air is already heated when it reaches the combustion chamber.
It heats the air by means of a radial fan which can be turned off if necessary so that the stove can heat by natural convection and radiation only, making it more silent and optimising acoustic comfort.
Special dampers improve the door’s seal and dynamically compensate any dilation of materials resulting from intense use, ensuring an excellent, long-lasting seal at all times.
It has a steel structure covered with painted metal and features two doors (one aesthetic door and one technical one).
It is also designed to work with our connection box, a device that allows you to connect Beatrice to the internet to manage the stove and control its values from your smartphone using the new, exclusive Palazzetti App.

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