The concept of the cardboard coffin is centered on the moral and environmental benefits from using an alternative material to the traditional wooden coffin. However, one cannot overlook the financial benefits of using a coffin made from cheaper materials. The coffin is made from 100% recyclable and renewable materials, so there is no need to separate out any metal parts such as handles or screws after the cremation process – all burned material can be collected into the same container. Traditional coffins for cremation are often made from chipboard or particle board, materials that contain numerous chemicals and resins. Results from particle tests carried out in conjunction with the SBT-organization in Sweden that when burned the cardboard coffin release significantly lower gases, such as CO2. Stemming from these results our cardboard coffin is the first of its kind to be certified by the Swedish cremation association, according to the new more demanding regulations.
The design includes corrugated cardboard treated with flame retardants and some wooden parts for stability (carries up to 150kg), but also to give the entire coffin an optimal burn time in cremation.

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