e.lock makes access control management secure and intuitive. Wireless and thief-proof, this access control system can function as a standalone product or as an integrated web based management system. e.Lock provides a single integrated system, streamlining the complete process of access control in the hotel and office environment. Real time features allow for quick and efficient blocking of any undesired activity. The system can be operated through four different technologies, including the use of a smart phone as a digital key applying either iOS Bluetooth LE technology or Android NFC features. The e.lock was designed to withstand forced entry. The door handle is made of a solid cast metal alloy, capable of bearing big impacts while the handle knurled texture provides extra grip for easy and safe use. The e.lock system is available in four finishes: satin nickel, copper; anodic malachite and dark bronze. It can be easily retrofitted into any mortise door lock and a variety of door thickness. Interchangeable parts allow for optimized manufacturing and maintenance.

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