BRANDX customizes smart interactions for Dr. Plant’s store, seamlessly combining the intelligent interactive experience with marketing display to perfectly interpret Dr. Plant’s brightening nature. The store uses curves and unsymmetrical lines to illustrate the quiteness but vitality of plants. The green and refreshing decorative style is in perfect harmony with powerful and dynamic curves. With massive glass use, the space looks more spacious and brighter. What’s more there are six new technologies adopted to display and interact better. A.Skin interactive experience desk: people can turn the button to experience the skin toning with aging. B.Self-service explanation system: you can explore miracles of high mountain and unveil the mystery, like you are personally on the scene, to know Dr. Plant better. C.Interactive Wall: it helps customers perceive the secret of Dr Plant skin brightening. D.Intelligent Linkage Visual System: you can learn more details of products through products display, description and videos. E.Linkage Visual Screen: you can watch the related animation of plant extraction process by touching a button. F.Movable AR Screen: it augments the herbarium seamlessly.

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