With the DoorLine Pro, Telegärtner Elektronik offers the latest generation of its multi-functional intercom which sets new standards in the Smart Home. The DoorLine Pro makes it easier than ever before to connect the intercom with all major telephone systems. The new top model comes with unique features such as a motion sensor, a real-time clock for controlling time-dependent functions, and an outdoor touch screen. The DoorLine Pro can be setup to individual preferences as well as for several units. It is equally suitable for use in homes, businesses and public institutions.

When the doorbell rings, the DoorLine Pro initiates a call to the telephony system – which in most homes is already in place. That means that the purchase of additional hardware and software is not required. The new top model has many useful functions and features such as call forwarding – including to mobile phones -, a code lock function, and an electronic door opener. Further fittings include a unique outdoor touch screen that is easy to read and use, even in sunlight, and which can be designed individually.

With the DoorLine Pro, users can respond to the doorbell conveniently – at any time and from anywhere from any phone – and therefore won’t miss a visitor or delivery. Even smartphones can be connected to the intercom so that owners can open the door for friends and family even when nobody is at home.

Unlike traditional intercom systems, the DoorLine Pro exclusively supports open standards, which means that it is interoperable with products from other manufacturers – and that it can be used within different infrastructures. The intelligent intercom can be easily connected to any analog or ISDN telephony system. Owner of a router with a built-in telephony system can integrate the DoorLine Pro into the home network via an analog extension (a/b port). By connecting the intercom with the telephony system, the smart home starts at the front door. The result is: more comfort and safety for the user and the house.

Especially for small businesses, additional features such as group calls – when all phones simultaneously signal a visitor at the door or gate to a department – are very useful. And with the so-called “Apothekerschaltung” (=pharmacy line), connections to other phone numbers such as the mobile phone are automatically made if nobody is available via the first number.

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