With Sfera urns we pay particular attention to the last home and resting place of cosmopolitan people. With this target in mind we set to work and created something beautiful and valuable for this important occasion: Urns in the shape of spheres with an opening which symbolizes the crossing from the here and now to the hereafter. The variety of materials, models and scope for design opens up new possibilities for contemporary rituals. Urns which can be combined individually and can also be personalized. Urns which set a sign of appreciation. Urns which remain as a beautiful memory. Metal urns are handmade from solid copper or steel and we offer them uncoated, chrome-plated, gold-plated or painted in RAL colors. All metal urn models are available with polished or sandblasted surfaces. Sandblasted bodies appear matt and satiny. Sphere and tube can be varied. Wood urns are hand-crafted by an excellent turnery. We use wood of apple, nut and olive. Sfera urns are produced in Austria and South Tirol.

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